Both the police and the municipality’s advisors from Social Services man Info House and they can give advice and guidance regarding any concerns people may have. In addition, they can handle actual cases of radicalization.

What should you be concerned about?

Below is a list of some of the concerns that warrant special attention. The list is advisory and should not be regarded as a definitive checklist.


  • Seeks out websites, literature and/or films with a violent /extremist message
  • Involvement in violent clashes
  • Attendance at meetings with extremist messages
  • Use of totalitarian symbols


  • Isolated or separated from their family
  • Has new friends and establishes relationships with people or groups that give cause for concern, for example, criminals or those who hold extreme opinions
  • Have cut relations with existing friends and have given up their hobbies


  • Intolerant of other people’s point of view
  • Reject democratic principles
  • Are overly moralistic and try to get others to change their opinions
  • Put forward conspiracy theories, has images of ‘the enemy’ and has a hatred of certain groups
  • Argue for ‘absolute solutions’

This applies to concerns regarding people both under and over the ages of eighteen years.