It is therefore important that you as an employee in Aarhus Municipality have the tools to act and that there is a way to deal with your concern for a citizen who suddenly expresses extremist views or exhibits troubling behavior towards other groups in society.

Awareness Presentation for Professionals
Professionals and other collaborators in and around Aarhus Municipality have the opportunity to get an introductory presentation on the anti-radicalization strategy in Aarhus. During the presentation you will be introduced to the subject of radicalization and learn how to recognize warning signs in relation to radicalization and violent extremism.

The presentation will also provide information on what you as an employee can do if you are confronted with a citizen who exhibits any of these warning signs. The introductory presentation is available in two versions: a presentation of forty-five minutes, or a dialogue-based presentation lasting one and a half hours. The presentation can be arranged as part of a staff meeting or as an after-work event.

Meetings for professionals

The City of Aarhus, in cooperation with East Jutland Police, arranges meetings on a regular basis in order to focus on specific subjects within the field of radicalization. At the meetings, crime prevention employees, together with other relevant stakeholders, discuss relevant issues regarding radicalization and how to prevent it.

The purpose is to share information between the organizations, but also to gain knowledge in order to further develop the work with radicalization in the City of Aarhus.